• Passports Certification

    Certifying passports

  • Certifying Certificate

    Certifying Certificate

  • Translation offices

    Notarized Translation


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  • Power of Attrorney

    Power of Attrorney

  • Statutory Declaration

    Statutory Declaration

  • Buying & Selling Property

    Buying & Selling

  • Certifying ID Card

    Certifying ID Card

  • Certify Bank Statement

    Certifying Address

  • DS3053

    Extract USA Passport

  • utility bill

    Elec, Water, Gas bill

  • Parental Consent

    Parental Consent

  • Authorization Letter

    Authorization Letter

  • House Loan

    House Loan

  • Commonwealth passport

    Dual Nationality

  • Support Studying

    Studying abroad

  • Different Names

    3 Names but 1 person

  • Apegs Form

    APEGES Form




Most countries require translated documents to be certified by Notary Public seal to ensure the authenticity of translation and the copy of translated documents are properly notarized.

Notary Public service center in EGYTA perform the followings:

  • Administer or commission oaths and affirmations.
  • Document's Notarization (Certified True Copy). Certified true copy of originals.
  • Certify and witness affidavits, declarations or other documents.
  • Take acknowledgments and declarations under oath.
  • Take depositions or testimony.
  • Guarantor for Canadian Passport Requirements.
  • Commission Affidavits of Service.
  • Drafting an Affidavit.
  • Translation and notarization of immigration and legal documents.
  • Statutory Declaration "Subscribed and sworn" Australia, Canada, New Zealand and The United States assessment (Vetassess, Engineers Australia, Australian computer society ACS)  and all other immigration authorities.
  • Statutory Declaration of Marital Status.
  • Statutory Declaration for: Ownership of Property.
  • Prepare wills, mortgages, and other legal documents.
  • Provide official authentication and localization and witness of signature.
  • Certified true copy of school, college diplomas, certificates, university degrees.
  • Legalize immigration documents for USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Most World countries.
  • Legalize immigration documents to be presented to legal authorities.
  • Provide affidavits of lost original documents.
  • Name changes certification under oath.
  • Notarial certificates of Death.
  • Duplicate original notarization.
  • Noting and protesting bills of exchange.
  • Document's Certification - Certify true copy of original.
  • Passport Application: (includes certification of applicant's photo, declaration in lieu of guarantor and certification of documents that support the applicant's identity
  • Permanent Resident and immigration documents: Applications include certification of applicant's photo, declaration in lieu of guarantor and certification of documents that support the applicant's identity.
  • Consent to Travel Documents: Drafting and notarization of consent to travel document for when a child is traveling without both parents.
  • Draft a Power of Attorney. 
  • Commissioner of oath by our Notary Public. 
  • Declaration of guarantor for passport application and immigration visas.




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